Panache: Workouts at Home

I have hit a wall lately….On MANY fronts. One common denominator with “hitting walls” and this gal is a lack of self care. Sometimes I get so involved with taking care of EVERYONE else that I forget to do some very easy and basic routines for me. These little routines make a HUGE difference. Exercise… Eating clean…living clean can totally transform your perspective on all…Work…stress…life…ALL OF IT.

My “Wall” started with my torn achilles. Well…I might say that it started with the divorce…but blaming a five year old tragedy is like blaming weight gain on baby weight when my youngest is turning 11…LOL. But the Achilles did put a strain on my self care. Although I still feel like I will never be truly the athlete I have always been, I have realized that being fit is not running a marathon. It is just doing a simple routine. Every Day. These are some new routines I am adding to my daily self care…Maybe you can add them too! Xoxo, Jenny

I just got 12 lbs weights. I am not a weight lifting kinda gal. Never was. Even in College Field Hockey and Lacrosse, my coach would make me train in the gym…I hated every minute. Mostly because it seemed so masculine. But, the truth is, a little toning goes a long way. I have noticed how much I need to tone lately.

Ok…So let’s face it…After two babies….in my forties….Can I really get these abs without a little nip? I think YES! Daily Routine.

My fear keeps me from using my foot. I am forcing myself to do this daily.