Perspective: Summer Swing

Today was one beautiful gift from God. The cool breeze blowing, trees rustling with luscious green leaves, and the sky full of cotton ball clouds that shaded us from the heat of the sun. I can’t remember a more beautiful day. My morning was a tough one. I have been under a great deal of stress and I was feeling really defeated, even in the presence of such a great gift of a day. But I jumped out of bed and into nature…and just like that, I was back to believing in me. I swing into Summer scared because the boys will be home all the time and work can be delayed because of vacations, and let’s face it…Summer is expensive. But this summer I am going to slow down my swing. I am going to focus on the sun instead of the designer sun hat that I can’t treat myself to and really just be grateful for the days like today…little gifts from God.