Panache: The BEST Beach Bag Essentials 2019

Summer is a verb…LOL. So let’s “summer” properly and start with the essentials needed in every beach bag. Whether you are going to the pool or sitting seaside, these essentials will prove to be more of a lifesaver than the guards in the stands.

  1. The Beach Bag. If you are anything like me, I need a BIG beach bag. I have used Scout bags for many summers. They are made of Sailboat Cloth…durable and waterproof. I LOVE THEM. They come in many styles and sizes.

2. The Beach Towel

There is nothing better than a towel that is SAND PROOF. Yes, that is right… I found a SAND REPELLENT TOWEL. This is an awesome company that has made a towel for the common beach goers that acts like a fine mesh sieve against the sand. They come in a variety of styles and Sizes. I have feature one towel below…for two!

This is an amazing towel…

3. The Sunscreen

Finding a sunscreen that works for all skin types is tough. My Briggs has really sensitive skin. My Carter…well he could just throw on some baby oil and be just fine. I have found the best sunscreen and I LOVE the huge container. We use sunscreen year round, so the idea of keeping this JUG in our home is just what the dermatologist ordered.

They also sell this sunscreen in smaller containers for the on-the-go beach bumb

4. The Flip Flop

I just love these from Lilly Pulitzer. Really…what don’t I love from Lilly?

5. The Baseball Cap

Look… we may start out with our hair all blown out…Pearls and or Studs in our ears…The Perfect Sun Hat on for those beach photos…but let’s face it. When we get out of the chlorine or the salt…we just need a rubber band and cap. This keeps it stylish and fun….oh and matches your flip flops

6. The Sun Hat

So…before we are defeated by the wind, sand and water….We arrive with great intentions. This is sure to turn the heads at the pool and beach. And you can monogram it. HELLO….this is a favorite of mine.

7. The Waterproof Speaker

Gotta have music…And I have tried every hack in the book. Putting your phone into a plastic cup just won’t cut it. This is a really great speaker that is small enough to fit in any beach bag.

8. The Perfect Summer Book.

Where the Crawdads Sing, by: Delia Owens…OMG! I am not an avid reader, but this book is AMAZING. I am almost finished and I just don’t want it to end. If it is good enough for Reese Witherspoon…It is good enough for ME! Escape into the marsh lands of North Carolina while sitting poolside in your home town.

Happy Summer…xoxo, Jenny