Passport: Maryland Hikes

Nothing…and I mean NOTHING clears the head and resets the soul like a long hike though nature. I have been tying to hike a lot lately, but just local spots like the NCR Trail and Oregon Ridge Park. My goal is to pack a picnic and take the boys to the following hiking destinations right here in our beautiful State of Maryland.

My boys are growing up so fast. It kinda breaks my heart. Lacrosse has been NON-STOP and I just feel like sometimes we get so involved in sports that we forget to connect to each other. Regardless of what they say…THEY ARE GOING HIKING. I will let you know if these hikes are worth the hype.


This apparently is the longest river rapids with over 20 foot waterfalls. This hike is about 4 miles along the Potomac River. You will cross over the MD line into VA. 11710 MacArthur Blvd. Potomac, MD.

KILGORE FALLS-Rock State Park, MD.

Ever seen Tuck Everlasting? Great Disney Movie and you can lure the kiddos into a hike if they want to see where a movie took place. I have been to Rock State Park several times and I can tell you…It delivers! Kilgore Falls is the 2nd highest vertical drop in MD. The trail (Falling Branch) is a short hike…about 2 miles. Pack a picnic and jump into the cool waters. The kids will remember this their entire lives. AND ITS FREE!