Parties: Preakness Party

And They’re off….YES, it is that magical time of year for us Baltimore peeps, when we try to embrace the idiosyncrasies of our beloved City and claim that they are “charming”.  Buses full of already drunk spectators, jam the traffic on 83 South.  Port-a-potties are anchored down in hopes that JUST MAYBE….just maybe this will be the year that they are NOT overturned!  98 Rock has been planning their annual Wet T-shirt Contest since June of last year…It’s a game changer for the winner…often she is later crowned Miss Baltimore…Ok.  Ok..  All kidding aside.  This gal loves her city.  I do.  Sooo…

Let’s focus on the history that this “charming” race has delivered to horse racing fanatics across the world.  Baltimore/Preakness was the FIRST race to open the infield of the track for those less fortunate. During the Great Depression, our track opened the doors to those that couldn’t afford a Grandstand ticket. This tradition has continued to put us Baltimore peeps at the TOP of the Triple Crown.  I mean…really?  The Twin Spires may have Tom Brady and Mint Juleps…BUT we have inflatable pools filled with Natty Boh and Coddies sandwiched between yellow mustard and saltine crackers.  Just Baltimore being Baltimore…and this Black- Eyed Susan LOVES it all.

Also, who could forget the legendary race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral? These two horses are still haunting the track.  How can you not embrace the underdog?  This track? This race?  It reminds us about who we are as a city.  Where we have come.  And the struggles that we will always have to overcome.

Preakness.  We are the underdog of the Triple Crown.  Our track is outdated.  Our City is dangerous.  Our paddock is sub-par.  But….It is full of spirit.  Full of history…And this gal…This Black Eyed Susan…ALWAYS bets on the underdog.  The Longshot.  This year…I just know Baltimore will WIN.

So…Let’s plan our Party…This is just some inspiration…

Every Party begins with an invitation. It sets the tone for the entire event. PLEASE send a formal paper invite. This is an absolute must…something that our next generation might extinguish. NOOOOOO

Black Eyed Susan Cookies

I love this idea…AND so simple to make. Place it at the beginning of your buffet table and at the end. It let’s guests know where to start the race and where to charge to the finish line.

Must serve CRAB CAKES!!!

A great way to set your outdoor table. I would coordinate with the colors of the silks on race day.

Can’t throw a Preakness Party without the Signature cocktail!

Although this year we will not see a Triple Crown Winner, this Black Eyed Susan will be watching.

xoxo, Jenny

and execute the PERFECT Preakness Party…I would love it.  xoxo, Jenny